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Our history is important for this project, because it will chart the course of this collection and those to come. Some holders will have participation in this path. Obtaining royalties, creative voice, exclusive roles and many more surprises that will be announced in the next phases.

The community will be a fundamental piece for the development of this project, making them feel part of the process of history, connecting with people with the same love for space. Hoping that in the future we can move this experience to the real world.



Our website is a fundamental part of this project and those to come. Our vision is to make it fully functional, in which you can explore all our collections, see their uses and benefits, with sections only for holders, be able to interact with the story, be able to check the rarity of your NFT and many more things that we will reveal to you very soon.

Make sure you are a holder of the first collection so you can have a guaranteed spot. Our vision is to launch collections with more uses and benefits, with privileged access to our perseus holders.


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