It's January 2063, we've been receiving radio signals from across the universe,
every 3 weeks, at the same time, the same signal, which unlike other signals that
They have been received throughout history, this time following a pattern never seen before. Astronomers still don't know what caused this signal, they only know that it comes from outside the Milky Way. Investigations are continuing.

We have received another signal, this time it is in morse code, the message was the following: “Hello Earth”. This confirms that it is a civilization making contact with us. It is not yet known where these messages come from, all governments are collaborating trying to find out what they want. These messages do not they represent threat, but still Space Forces are alert.

After 100 days since the last signal, something unimaginable happened out of a sci-fi movie, in all the radios of the planet were tuned in to an audio coming from the civilization that has been trying to contact us, for the audio content we can confirm that the message comes from a galaxy called Perseus, 3 million light years distance from Earth within the Local Group of galaxies. They have sent images of planets from their galaxy, not we know the reason, we only know that they will be NFTs in the solana blockchain, we assume that it is for governments have no control of these images and everyone can see them. We're waiting for the day to mint, this it is something historical, it will change the world completely, our perspective on the universe. There are still many questions but we are sure that a new era for the human race is about to begin.